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Léa Seydoux by Shelby Duncan

This is sculpted like this is a solid piece of art
"My life is made up of ‘I’m sorry’. I feel like I have to apologize to people, to things, to life itself. It’s like, ‘I’m sorry to be here’. I don’t want to disturb anyone."
Yohji Yamamoto  (via llogicas)

My older cat got sick of my kitten trying to play with him so he pinned him down and licked him until he fell asleep
  • Tara: how do I make him go away without being rude
  • Me: tell him you're a lesbian
  • Tara: he knows I'm not a lesbian I sucked his dick god damn
  • Me: tell him that's what made you a lesbian
  • Me: he'll never have confidence again
  • ppolishprincess:

q’d bby